Open When (It’s The Little Things)

So a while back I was on My Pinterest and found a pin for Open When Letters and decided to do my own “Open When” letters and send them to my amazing Aunt to help her through a really hard time.

Below are some of the 30 letters I wrote to her along with a few gifts hidden inside. I also gave her a new journal with colored pens that she can use for whatever she wants.

Open when letters are basically letters that fit each category that you choose, and they can be as long or as short as you like. For example: “Open when you are stressed.” I put a note that says “Pop three capsules as needed for stress” and added a small square of bubble wrap 🙂 For “When you need to believe in yourself more” I wrote a cute note and put a keychain inside which you can see below in the picture. But most of them have long heartfelt letters that I hope will help her as she deals with all of this.

Here is the Pin that got me interested in doing this!


If you would like me to make a list of all the Open When letter topics I did, comment below!!

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