I recently lost my best friend to a heart attack. She was 26 years young.

If someone would have said that I would lose my best friend who is only 3 years older than I am to a heart attack, I’d call them crazy.

But out of nowhere, it happened. We had started spending more and more time together and her parents joked I should just move in since I was over a lot.

She passed away a week ago today and I still can’t believe it. She had many health problems like I do but I never thought death would take her from me. Especially not at 26.

Our matching rings

Our Matching Bracelets


She had the best service dog ever. His name is Gir (Yes, from Invader Zim). When she dyed her hair blue recently, she dyed his fur as well ❤

Her parents have decided to not keep Gir and I wish more than anything that he could be mine.

*Deep breath* One foot in front of the other. One day at a time.

3 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Ms. Jynx says:

    My condolences and empathies. Losing a best friend at such a young age isn’t just sad and depressing, it’s shocking too. This person you were planning to be friends with for the rest of your lives is suddenly not there anymore. You’ll mourn the loss of your dear friend and the loss of a future you had expected to have together. I am glad you two had each other for the time that you did. Hugs and purrs from us.

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