As most of you know, I remake quotes as part of keeping myself busy and lately I have really appreciated having something ‘normal’, something fun that I choose to do. Something I didn’t feel ‘obligated’ to do.

Recently I got an email from an amazing fan who asked if I could make them this quote because this person is having a rough time trying to take care of themselves and at the same time trying to ‘blend in’ to normal society again. (Interrupting my own post to say if there’s a quote you’d like me to make, i do take requests) They can’t help but feel obligated to still try and do everything they did before they got sick or they were afraid someone very close to them would decide to leave if this person could not be ‘normal’ while dealing with a brand new life of Chronic Pain and Illnesses.

This person only recently joined in the ‘battle and journey’ of the world we know so well.

Being only recently diagnosed with Lupus has shattered this persons view of what is ‘normal’ and what is not.

Our ‘journey’ through our world of Chronic Illness is hard enough with a lot of support. This person however has almost no support at all.

I know what its like to feel like we have to not be who we truly are because we fear judgement and scorn. And even worse-we fear that those closest to us will decide sticking around for ‘the sick one’ is too much. Then they leave. It’s happened to me countless times in my now 6th year of this so called ‘journey’.

Sorry! This was originally just supposed to be an image post and the minimum few words that would explain it-not a long rant.

If you take away just two words from this rant, let them be “I’m Here” because I am. No matter your past, your illness, even if you’re not Chronically ill, color of your skin, your background, etc. None of that matters to me. None of it.

I promise; if you reach out to me like this brave person did-I will always be reaching back. No matter what.


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