Winter Wonderland…?

As winter slowly starts creeping in, no matter how slowly, and settles in the place that I call home I find myself resenting the snow, the cold, despite loving where I live.

The cold is my enemy, now and possibly forever.

The cold makes all my muscles tighten up, my chest starts to hurt as I find it harder to breathe, my stomach swells as my organs try and keep working inside my body as the cold slowly trickles in.

There is little to no scientific evidence about the link between colder weather affecting Chronic Pain; but it has never seemed to stop my body from resisting the cold weather, the snow, the frigid air.

I used to love the snow as a kid. Always making snowman and snow angels, sledding down a special place near here. Winter was always my favorite season.

Now at the age of 24, my favorite season is Summer. I hate the heat but at least my body doesn’t freeze up and make all my joints and muscles hard to move.

Winter seems to just have started and already I am wishing for it to be over, to give me and my body a break from the wreckage that winter causes on my body, inside as well as outside.

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