Christmas Eve Favorites

As a child, Christmas was my favorite time of year. Not just for the presents, but because our whole family was together for one whole day.

The next day, it was business as usual. But every Christmas eve before we’d all go to bed, we would crowd on our parents bed and listen as our mom read us a Christmas story out of a red, green and white fabric binder she made especially for Christmas Eve.

There may only be a few things I loved back then, but these memories I have are my favorite.

After opening all of our gifts on Christmas, we would sit around our fireplace and eat cookies and just enjoy being together for one whole day.

As a now 24 year old Adult, Christmas thankfully consists of sleeping in and then meeting for Breakfast and opening gifts with my in laws. No waking up at 3am to see what Santa brought.

But I remember well how we would all gather around the table for the holiday and each take candy, frosting, and graham crackers to make spectacular gingerbread houses. One of my favorite memories of my family.

This year, I’m determined to make new memories with my husband and a few close family members here. Here’s to a new year and new adventures.

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