Chronic Illness Challenge Day 2

Day 2: How have these illnesses affected your life?

When I got married to an amazing man, everything was bliss.

Then around April 2014, I got hit from all sides as my ‘journey’ through a never ending storm started. My husband and I struggled for a very long time trying to find foods I could eat and not because when my body flares, I get sick. Throwing up, fever, severe body pain

And once again, off topic

I do have some advice for woman everywhere. Reach out to anyone, if you are struggling. A priest, your parents, and me. I will be here for you if you need me. No matter what. I mean it. Even if you’re just having a bad day, or are/were bullied all the time, you can always reach me through my social media sites. Here is the link: About Me.

If you ever need anything, just hit me up. #WeStandTogether

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