What We Lose, What We Gain

We lose so much when we get sick. If you’re like me, somedays all we can see is what we lose when our world disappears suddenly beneath us that we forget we do gain something when we become Chronically Ill.

It can be something different for each of us. Support, understanding, confidence in ourselves. For me, when I started my ‘journey’ through being Chronically Ill, I felt like I lost who I was. My ‘normal’ limitations seemed to disappear overnight and suddenly everything I was able to do, I couldn’t anymore.

I had to retrain my body to learn to do even the simple things again such as walking upright, not hunched over and things like stairs were almost a no go from the start.

This year will mark 7 years on my Journey. While I still struggle some days to remain upbeat about my illnesses and all I’ve lost, i can finally see I’ve actually gained something through my experiences.

I have some of the best friends who are scattered around the world who also share this journey with me, even if its a different one, we are connected.

I have found someone who loves me for me, who understands me and my limitations, who never makes me feel bad for what I cannot do. Instead he lifts me up and encourages me to do more of the things I can do. He makes me see my worth, something I struggled with for years.

I have formed a stronger bond with my sister who will be graduating this May. I am going to take the 9 hour drive to see her graduate and while I know it’ll be hard on me, its worth it. No question.

I am slowly finding myself outside of my illnesses and limitations. One day at a time. I know I will still havr bad days and struggle, but for the first time in a very long time, I am hopeful. I am happy. I am confident. I am me.

What have you gained since starting your own journey? Let me know in the comments!

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