No One

No one really talks about what happens if you’re sick and you don’t get better; but you don’t die either. You get to live in the margins because it’s either/or. You’re either getting sick or you’re getting better. There’s no in between in our culture or Society. No room for the Chronically Ill.

-Spoonie Sanctuary

4 thoughts on “No One

  1. Stacey Chapman says:

    SO true. And it’s so hard for healthy people to understand this. I try to be patient with my Mom, but it really frustrates me that she says *all the time* “I don’t understand why Doctors can’t help you”. That same statement, every time I talk to her, for near 8 years. It makes me literally, crazy. It’s a huge gray area for people to comprehend getting sick and *never* getting better. Great “blip”. Thanks!!


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