Things I Like (& Don’t) About My Life With Chronic/Invisible Illnesses

As I enter the 7th year of my ‘journey through Chronic/Invisible Illnesses, I thought I’d do something different.

Here is my list of things through the years that I like and dont like about my life with 3 invisible chronic illnesses.

10. Don’t-Like. Being housebound most of the time. I can spend days not being able to leave my apartment

Like. Being housebound means that day is completely my own. I can do my one jewelry and crafting as much as I like. I also can read as much as I like. I am a book obsessed 25 year old Chronic Illness Blogger

9. Don’t-Like. All those doctor appointments. We’re all too familiar with this and it drives me insane with all the doctor appointments. The ‘hurry up and wait’ thing.

Like. A doctor’s appointment gets me out of my apartment. Some days I am glad because it at least gets me out of the apartment and not holed up like the hermit i have been in the past.

8. Don’t Like. All of the friends I have lost due to my illness/always having to cancel plans, etc..

Like. I treasure the few close friends I have. Then I have a new “Family” of Chronic Illness/Invisible Illnesses/Chronic Pain all over the world.

7. Don’t-Like. I don’t have a reason to get dressed up anymore. I used to dress up all the time, just because. Makeup and all!

Like. I now dress up and wear makeup when I want! Most days you will see me in sweats, or leggings. I very rarely wear actual pants. Mostly due to the “IC, Endo” belly.

6. Don’t-Like. Waking up feeling as if I never went to sleep. “This is called non-restorative sleep.” Pain and illness keep me from feeling refreshed when I wake up.

Like. I am not judged for needing a nap or two during the day. He knows when I need a nap, sometimes before I do!

5. Don’t-Like. How hard it is to take care of basic things. Some days are more challenging than others. Laundry can pile up, and dishes can stay in the sink for quite a while because most days I don’t have enough “spoons” for the day.

Like. I have fewer things to take care of! Yes, my laundry may pile up, but I now have a laundry basket that is half the size as the one I was using before. Best of all, it has wheels on them! Having a ‘half size’ laundry basket also makes doing laundry easier, since it doesn’t fit near as many as my old one. I also love putting my laundry in trash bags some days and watch them fall down the stairs as I kick them down to the basement. (but I mainly do laundry with my Boyfriend and his family at his place)

4. Don’t-Like. Being unreliably socially. I should not be embarrassed about this, but I am. I hate hate hate canceling plans, especially when I actually wanted to go. I also rarely am out alone, (usually with my boyfriend and his family almost constantly lately) but when I am, I suck at conversation, even simple things. I stumble over my words, or repeat things again and again.

Like. “Not having to commit to social occasions that I’d rather not attend. I wasn’t sure I should include this because,  it sound rude. But I think it may be a little secret that all of us who struggle with our health share: we have the perfect excuse to bow out of things we don’t want to do. I rarely use my chronic illness as an excuse because I usually force myself to do things when  because I know it would be good for me to get out. There you have it: a confession.

3. Don’t-Like. My inability to take long walks by the river.The river is my favorite place to go. Down the road from a section of the river is the Friendship Garden

That place is my sanctuary. I have recently taken up a hobby of taking pictures and while most are far from good for whatever reason, I still love them and I don’t care if they are very far from professional. I love taking pictures, I was going to incllude some in this article but then I thought maybe some people would not care to see them, so if you would like to see the pictures I have taken at the river as well as other places, leave a comment below!

Like. I am baring my soul here, but just go with it. I recently got a divorce from my now ex husband. When we were married, we has a kitty we named Sandy, because we thought she was a girl. Turns out SHE was a HE but we kept the name. Anyway, now that I am divorced and moved out, Our adorable Sandy went to live with my Ex Husband’s cousins and I haven’t seen him since. It breaks my heart.

2. Don’t-Like. Being so limited in what I can do. At times, this has been a big source of frustration.

Like. I have become way more creative. I do jewelry making and already have people who want to buy them from me when they see the album of jewelry I just made because I could. Never once crossed my mind that someone would think its good enough and offer to buy it when it really is just a hobby for me.

And the number one thing I “don’t-Like-but-like” about being chronically ill:

Don’t-Like. The lack of in-person interactions. To me it seems, everywhere I go, people are so focused on their phones and barely hear you when you ask them something. If it doesnt have to do with what they are doing on their phones or even laptops. they stop paying attention.

Like. I love having a “Family” all around the world. This “family” is irreplaceable and I honestly wonder where I would be if they were not here in my life. I finally decided it didn’t matter. They are my family and I love them so much. I owe them so much.

Is there anything you like/don’t like about your life with chronic illness/invisible illness/ chronic pain? Let me know in the comments!






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