30 Day Chronic Illness Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: How does being chronically ill make you feel?

At first, I spent a lot of time trying to tell myself that it wouldn’t change me. That while my whole world may have been turned upside down, but that I would still be the same person. I’d still go out with friends and family. That everything would stay the same. Because it had too.

Now 7 years later, it happened almost completely different than the vision I had in my head. I lost so many friends and family for a variety of different reasons. My whole world did change. I had to give up so many things I loved simply because I didn’t have the energy to keep it up after a while, despite my wanting too keep things the same as I could.

While struggling to deal with my whole world changing 7 years ago, I did find one good thing that has come out of me getting sick.

I’ve found a whole ‘family’ scattered all over the world who deal with the same issues as I do. We support each other no matter what. Everyone is different. But at the same time we are also more alike than most people see on the outside when they look at us. And I couldn’t be more blessed than I feel right now, even having not met most of my ‘family’ in person. #WeStandTogether #WeAllMatter

This took forever to make as I had to use the paint bucket tool and fill in each individual heart but I’m so proud of how good it looks ❤️