30 Day Chronic Illness Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Has your physical illness had any effect on your mental health? Explain.

Once again, I missed posting the day I should have. But better late than never!

Physical illnesses, chronic or not, can definitely mess with your mind. When you’re sick, usually you feel like crap and spend a lot of time resting which gives your brain nothing but time to spin in circles and do the whole ‘poor me’ thing.

I struggle every single day with pain as well as depression. I do everything I can to not let depression win. I work on my jewelry, binge watch shows, music therapy etc.

Lately I’ve been struggling more than ‘normal’ with my depression and it’s a constant cycle of doing everything I can to keep myself busy and not give myself time to get stuck in a rut. Then depression sets in and it’s harder and harder to do even the simple things. It’s easy to stay in the rut once you’re there. And I hate it so much.

Currently I’m working on my jewelry and watching SVU. I got this. Baby steps. I refuse to let my Depression win. I’m stronger than it. I just have to remember that I’m doing the best I can.

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