My Apology To You All

***Please  don’t hesitate to contact me about anything  I haven’t given up on you even though with how little I’ve blogged in the last few months, you probably think I have. But here’s the thing- you ARE important and you DO matter. Every single one of you.***

I know and am ashamed about how much my postings have gone down hill.

Please be patient with me and know, I AM BACK . I WILL continue to blog , it may just take me a while to get back into the rythum of writing again so please be patient with me. 

One of the many reasons I stopped blogging is on April 26th, 2020; my Grandma passed away (if you’d like to know more, just let me know) and I feel like I’m being ripped apart. I have to fight every single day to just get through without the emotional what I call “Word Vomit’ where I basically blurt out everything without thinking, and that usually ends up with me crying. I’m not talking about the normal crying; I mean full body shakes, my nose runs like a river, and then every part of me starts to hurt from the shaking, the crying.  The toll crying takes on me is insane. I usually end up needing a nap after because I don’t open myself up to many people.

I tell myself that I can handle it. That the severe exhaustion, the snot bubbles  (not really, but go with it) and bawling my eyes out is nothing. That I can handle it myself and don’t have to drag someone into the hell that is my life.

I’m going to stop right here even though I  have more to say and because I’m beyond exhausted mentally and physically and I have a date with my bed. But please keep checking back and I will post more later.

.One day at a time. Stay strong and safe, my friends ❤️


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